Acid Proof Flooring Products


At Refmon, we manufacture Industrial Bricks and Tiles that are acid resistant, alkali resistant, chemical resistant, and can bear heavy loads.

These Industrial flooring products are called Acid Resistant Bricks, Tiles, Cement, etc.

Dues to their chemical resistant nature they are generally used for masonry constructions of floorings subject to acid attacks, lining of chambers and towers in chemical plants, the lining of sewers carrying industrial effluents, ETP plants, Battery Rooms, etc to prevent deterioration of the surface by acid and other chemicals.

Depending upon the type of industry, Industrial floors, in general, has to bear chemical attacks, acid attacks, and heavy loads and at the same time provide durability and aesthetic to any industry.

We at Refmon, provide acid proof flooring products of various grades which helps increase the overall life of the floor and help in providing a clean and better working environment.

Some of the acid proof products we manufacture are Acid proof bricks, acid resistant bricks, Alkali resistant bricks, Chemical resistant bricks, Acid proof tiles, Acid resistant tiles, Acid proof products such as cement, Acid proof mortar, Bitumen Mastic, Acid proof primer, CNSL mortar, Furane or Furan, etc.

All the products manufactured by us are as per IS standards and are tested in our in-house lab before dispatching them to our clients.

Apart from providing acid resistant products, we also take up acid proof lining work and provide our clients with a complete anti-corrosive solution. Backed by our manufacturing units, we believe in delivering quality products and services to our customers and timely delivery at economical charges. Our acid proof lining team is backed by years of experience and supervised by experts from the field.


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