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We are the leading manufacturers of acid proof cement, acid resistant cement, and acid proof mortar in the region.

A two-component-based acid resistant cement consists of a binder and a mineral base powder filler. The powder is gradually added to the binder with mixing in the ratio of 1 part by weight resin and 3 part by weight powder (except epoxy). The ratio and the batch size can be varied depending upon the temperature and working condition. The large batch should be avoided as the mortar becomes stiff quickly, particularly when the working temperature is more than 40 deg C. When the working temperature is very low the resin should be kept warm by providing external heating.


Acid Resistant Cement:

Acid proof cement also called acid proof mortar is a two-component system, comprising powder and resin which are mixed in fixed ratios at the time of application. We are acid proof cement manufacturers of various grades such as :

1.  S Powder and Solution

2. CNSL Powder and CNSL Resin

3. Furan powder and resin

4. Epoxy mortar, etc.

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