Cold & Hot Insulation Material Manufacturers 


We provide customers with a wide variety of cold and hot insulation material and services, each designed to enhance system process while reducing emissions and energy usage, depending upon the type of Insulation required, that is thermal Insulation or acoustic Insulation, also referred to as sound Insulation, specific material is used for the insulation purposes.

In the last few months, the increase in industrial fuels and overall operating costs have made it all the more important to save fuel and increase the overall fuel efficiency of the boilers, furnaces, kilns, heaters, etc.

Insulation material provided by us will do the same, helping you lower your everyday manufacturing cost by increasing the efficiency of your equipment.

At Refmon Industries, we provide cold and hot insulation in piping to our clients depending upon their exact temperature requirement.


Hot Insulation Materials


Some of the Hot insulation materials we provide are LRB Mattress, LRB insulation, Rockwool, RB Slab, Glasswool, Calcium silicate blocks, Hysil blocks, etc.

  1. LRB Insulation Mattress: Made up of fibers spun out of rocks and bonded with light resin hence the name Light Resin Bonded Mattress, also called Rock Wool LRB insulation. They are stitched with wire mesh and are used for insulating temperatures of up to 800°C.
  2. Glass Wool Insulation: Made up of fibers of glass and bonded together using a binder, Glasswool insulation is used for thermal and sound Insulation. It can use for temperatures ranging from - 150°C to 200°C.


Cold Insulation Materials


Some of the Cold insulation materials we provide are Thermocol Sheet and pipe section, EPS sheet, PUF Boards and pipe section, Nitrile rubber sheet, XLPE foam, sheets, etc.

  1. Thermocol Sheet & Pipe Section: Also known as EPS sheets, Thermocol sheets are manufactured in various thicknesses and densities. Thermocol pipe sections are also manufactured in various bore sizes and thicknesses. They are used for temperature ranges of -50°C to 75°C.
  2. PUF Sheet & Pipe Section: Made up of polyurethane foam, PUF boards and pipe sections are rigid insulation materials used for cold and hot Insulation. They are manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses and used for - 200°C to 145°C
  3. Nitrile Rubber Sheet: Made up of closed-cell elastomeric nitrile rubber foam, Nitrile sheet is an insulation material with very low thermal conductivity and strong resistance to oils and gases. They are used for temperature ranges of - 50°C to 105°C


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