Glass Wool Insulation Board for Roof

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Resin Bonded Glass wool


RB Glass wool is an insulating material, made from fiberglass, arranged into a texture similar to wool. It is one of the most widely used forms of insulation because of its thermal insulation and acoustic insulation properties, lightweight, high tensile strength, and exceptional resilience.


Glass wool insulation for roof is the most dominant type of insulation used in applications with service temperatures between -200oC to + 250oC.


Size (Mtr) Thickness (MM) Density (Kg/M3) Temperature Range
L : 20 M x 1.2 M.
L : 15 M x 1.2 .
16 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 48 -200°C to +250°C

Glass wool insulation is available with Aluminium facing, FSK facing, and also without facing. RB Glass wool is generally used for thermal insulation in Boilers, Furnaces, Pipelines, Industrial Sheds, Offices, Residential and commercial buildings, Roofs, Ceilings, etc. They are also used as soundproofing in theatres, Auditoriums, Sound recording studios, etc.


Loose Glasswool Insulation for Roof


We also manufacture and supply glass wool insulation board, which comes packed in HDPE bags of 40 Kg packing. Made from fibers of glass, they are arranged using a binder into a texture similar to wool. The air-trapping property of glass wool makes it a bad conductor of heat and thus is widely used for thermal insulation in ducting, boilers, cavity walls, pipelines, etc.

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