PUF Boards And Pipes

Polyurethane foam also called as PUF is formed by mixing an isocyanate, such as methylene diphenyl diisocyanate with a polyol blend. These components are mixed to form a rigid, cellular foam matrix. The resulting material is an extremely lightweight polymer with superior insulating properties.These PUF are further shaped in different forms to suit different applications.

We supply PUF Insulation, PUF Pipe section, PUF Slabs, Polyurethane Pipe section, PU Pipe section and Polyurethane foam pipe section to our customers at very affordable prices.

PUF Pipe section

PUF pipe sections are made of high quality PUF and are made available in various thickness and Nominal bores as per the requirement.

Product Thickness (mm) Nominal Bore (mm) Legth (mm) Temperature Range
PUF Pipe section 25 and above 50 - 250 1000 -200 deg C to 150 deg C
Salient features :
  • 1. Due to its closed cell structure it doesn’t let penetration of water.
  • 2. PUF pipe sections are available in various sizes thus decreases the installation time at the site.
  • 3. They are fire resistant.
  • 4. They have high compressive strength as compared to other insulation materials.
PUF Slab

PUF Slabs are the most economical insulation material especially for low temperature systems. They are used in freezers, cold vessels and tanks, cold stores etc. They are also used for insulation of walls and roofs of buildings.

Product Thickness (mm) Density (Kg/m3) Size (mm) Temperature Range
PUF Slab 15 and above 36 1000 x 500 -180 deg C to 110 deg C

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