Acid Resistant Tiles

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Acid Resistant Tiles, Acid proof tiles, Chemical proof tiles, and Alkali resistant tiles in India. Our acid resistant tiles are manufactured using high-grade, low lime, low ferric raw materials which are fired in fully automized kilns at a temperature above 1250 deg c.


These acid resistant tiles have high breaking strength, high flexural strength and very low water absorption. 


These tiles are resistant to acids, alkalies and chemicals and are also resistant to scratch and are made anti skid for industrial purposes.


Apart from  manufacturing and supplying Acid resistant tiles and cements, we also take up lining work of these tiles for tanks, pits, floors, drains and walls and provide our clients with complete acid proofing solutions.


Acid Proof Tiles Size

Our acid proof tiles are manufactured as per Indian standard IS 4457:2007 and IS 4860:1968.

They are manufactured in various thicknesses and sizes. The standard size we manufacture are :


  • 300x300x10/12/15 mm (IS 4457 : 2007)
  • 230x115x20 mm (IS 4457 : 2007)
  • 230x115x25 mm (IS 4860 : 1968)
  • 230x115x38 mm (IS 4860 : 1968)
  • 230x115x75 mm (Bricks, As per IS 4860 : 1968)


Acid Proof Tiles Specification

Product Water absorption Flexural Strength Breaking Strength Resistance to Acid / Chemicals
Acid Resistant Tile (as per IS 4457: 2007) Less than 0.5% More than 38 N/mm2 More than 2500 N Loss in weight not more than 0.5%


Acid Resistant Tiles Manufacturer

Acid resistant tiles or acid proof tiles are made up of high-grade fire clays, quartz, and felspar which are bonded together with binders, pressed in a hydraulic press, and fired in a kiln at very high temperature. Acid resistant tiles are manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses as per IS 4457.


Chemical Acid Proof Tiles Uses

Chemical Acid Proof Tiles are widely used in

  • 1. Industrial floors subjected to erosion and corrosion from Acids, Alkalies, Chemicals, Oils etc.
  • 2. Process tanks and Floorings
  • 3. ETP and Demineralization plants.
  • 4. Food and Beverage Industry
  • 5. Chemical Industry
  • 6. Battery rooms

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