High Alumina Refractory Castable Cement

High alumina cement is also known as a calcium aluminate cement and high alumina castable refractory cement. Refmon Industries has alot of manufacturing capacity of Refractory Alumina Cement in a day to ensure timely delivery to customers. 


Applications of High Alumina Castable Cement:

High alumina cement is primarily used to configure refractory castables, such as high alumina low cement castables that can be used for heat insulation or high-temperature corrosion in building or repairing furnaces or furnaces.


Castable Refractory Cement Manufacturers

Refmon Industries provides industry-grade highest quality castable refractory cement favoured with leading resources of R&D improvements. Our seasoned team provides solutions, expertise, passion, and attention to detail, giving our customers the value-added services they need to thrive. We are a privately owned company with expertise and experience that have served major industries - steel, copper, nickel, aluminium, hydrocarbon processing, cement, and lime production.

We are high-grade castable refractory cement, low cement castables, high alumina castable that is widely used for various industrial lining applications. Our Castable is packed material that consists of finely proportioned graded alumina aggregates and binders that assure desired results when used. The castable refractory cement is blended with water to produce refractory concrete.


Qualities of Our Castable Cement:

1 High power at both high and low temp
2 Excellent thermal insulation properties
3 Thermal Shock Resistance
4. Good erosion resistance

These high alumina castable cement are generally applied in intricate boilers and furnaces where the refractory lining is not feasible.

State Powdered
Packaging Size 25 Kg
Grade 90% Alumina
Storage Life 9 Months
Packaging Type HDPE Bags
Temperature Up to 2000°C


Castable Refractory Supplier

At Refmon Industries, We are engaged in supplying a broad array of dalmia castable refractory cement DS Cast 170. Our High Alumina castables are high quality, precision engineering, low maintenance, and high durability.


Castable Refractory Cement - High Alumina

We have been manufacturing refractory and insulation products for decades and have acquired vast experience in dealing with challenges to meet the demand of the highly efficient cement industry. We scrutinize the most critical areas while meticulously identifying solutions that fill out clients' needs gaps. No application is challenging for us; we can provide Castable cement powder for diverse applications. Our expertise and R&D team endlessly strive to get innovative outcomes to offer notable improvement and optimal results.

We can provide boiler refractory castable approaches in standard and customized sizes that efficiently meet your requirements. We devise a full range of engineering and installation services from monolithic refractory to fire bricks and precast shapes. With our different types of castables, dense, low cement, and self-flowing castables, we can help you achieve most of your business.


Advantages of High Alumina Castable Cement:

  • The fast setting at a high temperature
  • Increase Castable Strength
  • Castable can be changed while in use.
  • It can combine into both heavy and light castables.
  • Organic acid degradation
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Sulfate corrosion resistance


Our Mission

We stand firm with ethics and morals and ensure that we take every step possible to meet all the standards and advanced needs. By blending with our customers, we analyze the modern challenges and provide refractory castable cement for boilers that make up the backbone of our product range.

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