Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Refmon Industries is well established and leading manufacturer of ceramic fiber blanket since 2015 in Alwar, India. We are providing them with high strength and also increasing their surface integrity. The blanket is lightweight, flexible, and available in a wide range of thickness, width, and densities. They can resist temperatures as high as 2300 F. 

Ceramic Fiber Blanket are flexible and available in various ceramic fiber blanket specifications, so they are widely used across industries. Know more about out fiber blanket below:

What is Ceramic Fiber Blanket?

Ceramic fiber blanket is made up of heat-resistant fibers that are needled together in the shape of blankets. These blankets are available in different densities, thicknesses, and sizes. They have high thermal as well as chemical resistance. They are available in two temperature grades i.e; 1260 degC and 1425 degC.

Standard Size:

Ceramic fiber blanket the standard available sizes are:

  1. 7620 mm x 610 mm x 25 mm
  2. 7620 mm x 610 mm x 50 mm

Although these ceramic fiber blanket can be customized and made into any size.

Standard Density:

The ceramic fiber blanket are available in three different densities.

  1. 64 Kg/m3
  2. 96 Kg/m3
  3. 128 Kg/m3

Specifications of Our Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Density 96 DENSITY. 1260 C
Packaging Type Corrugated Box
Usage/Application Insulation
Packaging Size 24 x 18 x 18 inches
Size 7620 mm x 610 mm x 50 mm
Max Withstanding Temperature 2300 F
Color White
Brand Refmon


What is the use of Ceramic Fiber Blanket?

Several ceramic fiber blankets are used because they are a superior insulating material, have low heat storage, and are resistant to chemicals and thermal shocks.

  1. Furnace Insulation
  2. Car Insulation and seals
  3. Fire doors
  4. In the refining and petrochemical industry
  5. High used in the power industry – especially in the turbine, thermal reactor, and generator
  6. Fire protection lining and insulation
  7. As high-temperature seals, insulation, and protection

Key Features of Ceramic Fiber Blanket:

  1. Low thermal conductivity
  2. Low heat storage
  3. Resistance to thermal shock
  4. Low weight
  5. Contains no organic binder
  6. Easy to install

Why is Ceramic Fiber Blanket Preferred Over Refractory Bricks?

Ceramic Fiber Blanket has an optimal approach for high-temperature equipment. They avoid any risk of thermal shock, but they optimize energy consumption. That makes them a far superior alternative to refractory fire bricks.

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Refmon Industries is leading manufacturer of top quality ceramic fiber blanket & boards in India. Our factory is located at Alwar, Rajasthan.Please feel free to call us @ +91-9929093951 or visit or factory. Complete contact details available at Contact Us page.

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