Acid Proof/Resistant Bricks Manufacturers

Acid proof bricks are highly resistant to chemical attacks of acid and alkalies. Dues to their chemical resistant nature they are generally used for masonry constructions of floorings subject to acid attacks, lining of chambers and towers in chemical plants, the lining of sewers carrying industrial effluents, etc to prevent deterioration of the surface by acid and other chemicals.

We are the leading Acid resistant / Chemical Proof / Chemical Resistant / Alkali Resistant / Acid Proof Bricks manufacturers & suppliers in Alwar, India. The Acid Proof bricks are made using low ferric, high-grade clays along with quartz, felspar, and other raw materials. At Refmon Industries, these acid or fire bricks are pressed on 150 MT presses and fired in tunnel kilns at over 1200°C temperature, which gives them high crushing strength and extremely long life.


Acid Proof Bricks Salient Features

  • - Resistant to acids, alkalies, and chemicals
  • - High Flexural and crushing strength
  • - Low water absorption
  • - Low water absorption
  • - Low Porosity
  • - High thermal resistance


Acid Proof Bricks Technical Specification

PROPERTIES Unit Class I - Bricks Class II - Bricks
Water Absorption (Max) % 2 4.0
Compressive Strength (Min.) kg/cm2 700 500
Flexural Strength (Min.) kg/cm2 100 70
Resistance to Acid (Max.) Loss in weight % 1.5 4.0


Our Acid Resistant Bricks are manufactured as per Indian Standard IS 4860 : 1968 (2001):

Available Sizes (mm)
230 x 115 x75 230 x 115 x 40
230 x 115 x 38 230 x 115 x 20


Acid Proof Bricks:

Acid proof bricks also called acid resistant bricks are made up of quartz, felspar, fire clay, and binders which are pressed in a screw press and fired at a temperature of more than 1200°C. Acid Proof bricks are resistant to acid, chemicals, and alkalis and can bear heavy loads due to their heavy crushing strength property.

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