Insulation Service

Thermal insulation is the process of reduction of heat transfer between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence.

Refmon Industries is the India’s leading contractor specialising in hot insulation, cold insulation, pipe - vessel cladding. By working closely with clients from the earliest design stages through to final implementation, Refmon is able to provide cost-effective, energy efficient and innovative industrial insulation solutions, installed to the highest standards in the industry

Hot Insulation

Hot Insulation is generally designed to insulate heating chambers, hot vessels and tanks and also to insulate piping system transporting gas and substances at high temperatures. Material used for hot insulation depends upon various factors but the most important factor is the temperature the insulation will be covering. Depending upon the temperature to insulate and considering the other related parameters, we help our clients to choose the best and most economical insulation material for their projects.

The material generally used for hot insulation are Glasswool, Rockwool, and Ceramic wool in loose, blankets or Pipe forms.

Cold Insulation

Cold Insulation is generally designed to insulate cooling chambers, chilled water pipes, cold storages, buildings, Refrigeration and air-conditioning etc. Depending upon the usage, the materials used in cold insulation require a water vapour barrier for proper functioning of the system.

We at Refmon help our clients to choose the best and most economical cold insulation material for their projects.

The materials generally used for Cold insulation are PUF Boards and Pipe sections, EPS Thermocol sheets and pipe sections and Nitrile Rubber sheets and pipe sections.

We provide following services to our clients :

Power Plants : Hot insulations for Boiler drum, Steam piping, Exhaust, Turbines, Oil tanks and Chimneys

  • • Fertilizers, Refiners and Petrochemicals : Refineries gas crackers, heaters, ducts, boilers, stem piping and process piping
  • • Sugar: Boilers, Steam piping, Exhaust Lines, High Pressure Lines, pans, Evaporators, economizer and turbines
  • • Cement Industries : Pre- Heater Cyclones, pre-calcinators, air ducts, fuel gas ducts and E. S. P.
  • • Chemical Industries : Pipelines, vessel and reactors
  • • Paper and Pulp Industries : Boiler, dryer, hot water tanks, dygesters and steam piping
  • • Hot Insulation of Piping (Pipe Bends) & Vessels
  • • Hot Insulation (With cladding)
  • • Cold Insulation Services
  • • Cold Insulations in Pipe Sections & Thermocol Sheets on Piping, vessels & Fittings
  • • Cold Insulations on Chilling Plants, AHU & Air conditioning Ducts
  • • Tank Insulation Services (For Solar Hot Water Storage Tank)
  • • Insulation of Cold Stabbing Tank
  • • Aluminium Cladding Work for Boiler & Economizer