Refractory Lining Services

We also provide refractory lining for the construction of boilers, furnaces, kilns, and other heat-related pieces of equipment used in various industries. 


In the last 10 years, we have completed more than 500 refractory projects across India.


  • Refractory Brick Lining


What is the Refractory lining?


The lining of the furnace is the device of the facing layer on the internal planes of the furnace section, which are constantly exposed to open fire. Its function is to protect the exterior walls from thermal, mechanical, chemical, or physical damage. The lining is used not only for household heating equipment, this technology is used in the construction of metallurgical smelting furnaces, steam boilers, ladders, etc.


In addition to fire protection, heat-resistant materials perform heat-insulating functions - reducing heat loss. However, there is some danger here: a too thick layer of lining will reduce the efficiency of the device, since the flow of thermal energy will "fly" through the chimney to the street, and will not spread inside the room.