How is Aluminium a Material Better than Copper?

How is Aluminium a Material Better than Copper?

Aluminum vs Copper has been a debate going on for quite some time. They both are widely used across various industries, one more than the other. But that is not to say that they both do not competently fulfil the task at hand. Aluminium is more commonly used than Copper, especially in heat sinks. Aluminium copper manufacturers are widely available in the market. And while Copper is sometimes used, its usage is negligible compared to Aluminium.


Advantages that Aluminium has over Copper as an industrial metal.

It is something that often surprises many. The reason? Copper has a better heat conductivity. Yes, that is true. Copper is better when it comes to heat conductivity. So, why is Aluminium a better material than Copper? Is it just because one might have for aluminium sheet manufacturers? Let us look at the case.


The Weight of the Material

One look at the density of the two materials, and the case is obvious for Aluminium. Aluminium is lighter than Copper by a considerable amount. One will observe that Aluminium has around 30 per cent of the density of Copper. That is extremely helpful when it comes to weight saving. Naturally, if you are looking for a lightweight solution, you would go for Aluminium over Copper. There is also an aluminium sheet-making machine that you can take advantage of.



Cost-saving is always at the forefront of any project. One would want to save as much as they can in their project, regardless of the size. And the best way to do that is through Aluminium rather than Copper. Aluminium is significantly cheaper than Copper. The exact figures would be Aluminium costing around one-third of Copper. A significant cost saving, if one would say so. And a prime reason why Aluminium is preferred for industrial projects.

A More Flexible Metal

A major advantage that Aluminium has over Copper is its flexibility. Aluminium is significantly more flexible than that Copper. It naturally makes it easier to wind it during the production process. Aluminium also has higher resistivity, which gives lower eddy losses in the process. Additionally, it also lowers the risk for spots.

Able To Radiate Heat Better Than the Copper

Copper has a higher thermal conductivity than Aluminium. It is superior to Aluminium when it comes to this; there is no arguing this fact. This higher thermal conductivity also allows for a better cooling process. But when it comes to radiating heat, Copper is no match to Aluminium. The reason for this is the lower density of the metal. Because of its lower density, Aluminium can radiate heat better in the air due to its lower density. It is something that makes it quite useful as hot insulation material.

Easier To Work With

Lastly, we have a point about the aluminium sheet for roof installation and usage. Overall, Aluminium is significantly easier to work with than Copper. And this might primarily be the reason behind their widespread use. From easy installation to their flexible nature, all this in combination makes Aluminium more popular.


It is fair to say than Aluminium is a better material than Copper. And if you are looking for an Aluminium solution, there is only one name you need to keep in mind – Refmon. Refmon Industries is an excellent place to be in your search for insulation manufacturers in India. Regardless of your needs, you are guaranteed a satisfactory solution. Refmon takes customer satisfaction quite seriously. We leave no stone left unturned to ensure you are 100 per cent satisfied with our products.