Industrial Building Material: Classification of Fire Bricks

Industrial Building Material: Classification of Fire Bricks

While constructing any industrial building contractors need a wide range of materials to make it a super strong building. These materials may include things like bricks, clay, cement, sand, wood, and metals. All these materials have their own identity to use as industrial building materials.

Here in this blog, you will learn more about fire bricks and the classification of fire bricks. To learn about this, look further into the blog.

What are fire bricks? 

Fire bricks are the kind of bricks that are manufactured at high temperatures to make them highly resistant to heat. They are made with fire clay which makes them good resistant bricks. Fire brick manufacturers produce this brick the same as a normal brick but they put the fire bricks into heat for a longer time. Fire bricks are also named refractory bricks. 

Classification of fire bricks:

  1. Acidic fire bricks –these bricks are usually used to resist acidic reactions of chemicals and even weather. To make this brick good heat resistant, it will be in high-temperature heat for a long time and some amount of silica will also add to the bricks to make them stronger. This makes it acid-proof bricks. 
  2. Basic refractories- magnesia and Lime are added to bind the material which helps in making it a good resistant to corrosion and chemical resistance.  
  3. Bauxite fire bricks- these bricks are made up of some bauxite materials. Usually used in the cement industry as it is quite abrasion resistant. 
  4. Chromite fire bricks- these bricks are made up of 50% of chrome iron, 30% of iron oxide, and bauxite with 20% also some little amount of silica is added. It will resist temperatures up to 2000°C. 

There are some other terms which you shall learn.

Castable refractory , this item can be carved and shaped into the required size and shape. Which is further used to build and repair kilns and other surfaces. They are considered more resistant and refractory as compared to metals. Castable refractory can be used in lining hot processes of various industries. 

Refractory bed material, this material is made up of natural and synthetic materials. This is also good in resisting heat which is used in inner linings as well as industries products. There are many refractory bed materials suppliers which may guide you during any kind of production. 

Some of the uses of fire bricks are mentioned below:

•    Using good fire-resistant objects in the industrial building can reduce the damage from any fire accidents. 
•    Usually used in wood oven lining. 
•    Used in inner surfaces of kilns, furnaces, chimneys, and many other things.
•    It can also be used as insulating materials for furnaces and ovens as they have usually lower thermal conductivity. 

Finishing up 

To wind up the blog, through this blog I would like to suggest that you are about to construct an industrial building that can have fire and heat activity during production using these refractory or fire bricks. As these bricks can reduce the chances of damage during any kind of fire activity, these bricks have many advantages as compared to normal bricks such as they are fireproof as well as stronger than normal bricks. You can buy fire bricks online at Refmon Industries where you will get your hands on the most dependable products only. I Hope, this blog has helped you in learning some important things about building industries.