Glass Wool Insulation for Industries and It's Applications

Glass Wool Insulation for Industries and It's Applications

Glass wool is light weight and thin element, is also eco-friendly, and works as a good insulator. Glass wool is produced by glass fibers which also contain some amount of silica sand and recycled glass. It can be categorized as loose wool and superfine wool. Loose wool is usually used to make glass wool and glass wool board which also prevents heat pressure.


Why Choose Glass Wool Insulation For Industries:

The best thing about glasswool insulation is it is made up of 80% waste material. We can say that it is the most effective eco-friendly element to use in any industry as an insulator.

  • It is a thin layer of glass, it is light weight and very easy to install anywhere.
  • It has water and weather-resistant properties. It will reduce the defects in any construction work. Also, have fire-resistant properties.
  • The products are nondestructive, therefore no health-hazardous activities will take place. Other elements can cause affect our body mainly the eyes.
  • It also has a density property which makes it stronger and rigid.
  • Glass wool boards have excellent soundproofing features as well. Also helps in preventing sound transmission.


Uses of Glass Wool Insulation:


  • For roof insulation: For installing roof insulation we require a lightweight element but high functionalists. It clarifies that glass wool insulation for roof in any industry is considered to be efficient and easy to apply on the roof.
  • For suspended ceilings: ceilings made up of lightweight glass wool blankets are more beneficiary than any other element.  
  • Pipe insulations: Glass wool insulation can be used in piping with hot insulation material.  It can be produced by applying hot insulation in piping.
  • For cavity insulation: Glass wool is considered a durable and flexible element that can be used as filling cavities in buildings and houses. As mentioned above in the article that is water-resistant property also fire resistant, which is why it is used as dry wall filling and cavity fillings in the building.


Glass wool is a non-combustive tool to be used in industries, which makes it less dangerous than any other elements. Glass wool board is also used in commercial buildings and cinema halls which provide the best soundproofing feature. Not only is this but glass wool insulation board is used now a day in-home theatre insulation as well.


Other than glass wool rock wool also plays role in the insulating family. Both are the best of the kind. The only difference between them is that rock wool is produced from volcanic rocks and glass wool is produced from recycled glasses.


Rockwool is also used in construction work. There are several advantages of using rock wool insulation on any construction site.  This can be used in any roof insulation, ceiling insulation, and exterior and interior insulation as well. Rockwool LRB mattress is also made from melted rocks in high pressure and heat. One side of the mattress is covered with galvanized mesh, which makes it easy to install. It also has a low thermal conductivity that helps in controlling heat loss.


To sum up the article, glass wool is a great insulating material that can be used in roofs, ceilings, home theatres, etc. It is one of the best insulation materials with light weight and easy installation property available at Refmon Industries. These also have water and fire-resistant property which makes them less dangerous. Other elements can be dangerous for our health as well.