Things to Remember When Using Castables and Advantages of Castable Refractories

Things to Remember When Using Castables and Advantages of Castable Refractories

Castable refractory products are non-metallic materials with physical and chemical properties that allow them to withstand high temperatures and retain their composition. Some of their common application is in furnaces, kilns and boilers.


 In a high-temperature environment, specific products must withstand such a heavy temperature. That is precisely what castable refractory does.


There is no doubt about the vital role that refractory castable plays. But there are a couple of things one needs to remember while using this refractory material.


Things To Remember When Using Castable


  • Castables must always be stored in a cool and dry area.
  • One must ensure that the mixers and tools are free from old castable or any other material that can contaminate the product. Such contamination could affect the strength of the castable mix.
  • Only drinking suitable water should be used to mix castable. The temperature of the mix should be optimal as well.
  • Be careful while mixing castable, like castable refractory cement. Too much mixing generates heat and speeds up the setting time.
  • The forms should be covered with oil or grease to prevent moisture loss.
  • After placing the mix, the castable needs to be cured for 18 to 24 hours straight. Cover it with polyethylene sheets and spray it with cold water periodically. It will maintain the moisture of the mix and promote uniform curing at the applied area.


Advantages Of Castable Refractories


Castable refractories are an essential part of the manufacturing process. One can easily find a castable supplier online suited to their requirement. But what are the advantages of castable refractories that make them so popular? Let’s have a look at that.


Saves Time


The biggest industrial advantage that castable refractories offer is the time they save. Take the case of a furnace, for example. The castable refractory is made before its usage. Therefore, it significantly reduces the construction time of the furnace. Additionally, the castable refractory does not require extra baking time. That allows one to use their time efficiently. Castable refractories do a marvelous job in industries where timely production and delivery can be crucial.


Ease in usage


Castable refractories are pretty easy to use. But what is even better is how easily they can be cast in different shapes. Moreover, when treated and prepared, Castable refractories can meet harsh conditions without noticeable changes.


Significantly Better Structure Performance


Castables refractories are monolithic refractories, which is one of its biggest selling points. Once applied, the castable refractory can handle the harsh condition of the working environment for an extended period. Additionally, it also requires little to no maintenance throughout its life. That allows for overall sound structure performance and durability.


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